on a do nothing day

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i just ate christmas 🎄🎁🎉

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army navy

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high hopes; kodaline

i remember it now, it takes me back to when it all first started
but i’ve only got myself to blame for it, and i accept it now
it’s time to let it go, go out and start again
but it’s not that easy

but I’ve got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started
high hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
high hopes, oh, when it all comes to an end
but the world keeps spinning around

and in my dreams, i meet the ghosts of all the people who have come and gone
memories, they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon
now evil is just staring at the barrel of a gun
and I do believe

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new york’s finest + chicken alfredo. they always excite my jaws :))

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crispy pata. my heart skipped a beat. like literally

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footlong cheesedog from chuck’s deli

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Anonymous asked: Bakit po di ka na gumagawa ng written blogs? ^^

cause the truth is, i have no time for tumblr :( it is already my last sem. and the anxiety is just unbearable. haay. school would always hinder my sources of happiness. whyyy?! hahaha

'twas my plan to write a review for catching fire last sembreak. but yea, still, i had no time :) delayed gratification muna. tiis tiis :))

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cupcakes by sonja

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honey bbq from buffalo’s wings n’ things

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i lost my planner sticker card. it only lacks three stickers for me to claim a planner. i was upset that i misplaced it. so my kuya gave me his second claimed planner to uplift me hehe

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chocolate hazelnut

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latch (acoustic); sam smith

you lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
you enchant me even when you’re not around
Ii there are boundaries, i will try to knock them down
i’m latching on, babe, now i know what i have found

i’m so encaptured, got me wrapped up in your touch
feel so enamored, hold me tight within your clutch
how do you do it, you got me losing every breath
what did you give me to make my heart beat out my chest

this version is just soooo sweet :)